Human heights have been steadily rising globally in recent centuries due to improvements in nutrition and healthcare.

However, regional differences exist when it comes to changes in average height over the century. European and Central Asian men have seen the greatest gains.

The United States

The Average Height of Men Around the World

Height is a complex issue, and many factors play into it. Your genetics, diet and health conditions all have an effect on height; but where you were born and raised as well as what profession you pursue for a living also play a role.

In the United States, men on average stand 62 inches tall – roughly equivalent to the height of a 12-year-old boy.

Though men in the US have not grown taller over 100 years, compared to other countries, this could be due to Americans’ unhealthy diets.

American male average height has not increased as rapidly as other countries’ due to a variety of reasons, such as poor diet and stress levels. Fast food has become an integral part of US culture which contributes to weight gain, obesity, and various illnesses.

According to a Department of Agriculture study, the average height for men in America has remained virtually unchanged since 1955. The research sample consisted of 6,340 men and 6,680 women from six thousand households across six states.

In the United States, men on average stand 62 inches tall – approximately the height of a 12- or 13-year-old boy. Additionally, this average is slightly higher than some other parts of the world where men typically stand at a slightly shorter height.

The Netherlands

In 2016, the average height of men in the Netherlands reached 184 cm, making it the tallest nation worldwide. This is significantly taller than Americans’ average height which has only increased by 6 cm since 1914.

The astonishing growth in Dutch height is truly astounding; scientists say it is partly attributed to improved living conditions, superior healthcare services and natural processes.

However, a recent study from Statistics Netherlands (CBS) suggests something else is occurring. They noted that growth rates among both boys and girls in the Netherlands have begun to slow down recently.

This could be due to a variety of causes, such as changes in lifestyle and food intake. It could also be that nutrient-rich foods are scarcer in certain parts of the country or people lack access to healthy options due to limited access or obesity.

One factor that may be contributing to the decline in Dutch height is the proliferation of fast-food restaurants. Easy access to convenient meals may have caused people to consume more calories, leading to weight gain and unhealthy eating habits.

These changes in diet are having a detrimental effect on many individuals, with decreased milk consumption and other nutrient intakes such as protein.

CBS reports that despite these changes, the country’s population remains the tallest in the world. Today’s men stand at 6 feet (182.9 centimeters) and women at 5.55 feet (169.3 centimeters).

Furthermore, the increase in Dutch height has resulted in an increase in the number of children born there. Estimates suggest that in the last century, 5% of all babies born to Dutch parents lived within the Netherlands.

This number is significantly greater than the 3% born to parents from the United States, where only 3% were born to residents there. Furthermore, it exceeds other European countries in terms of total child population.


The average height of men around the world varies drastically. While some countries use metric feet instead of inches, others still cling to imperial system standards – making it hard to tell where one ends and another begins. Nonetheless, some statistically significant findings stand out from others, including that mysterious (to some) tall man whose name has yet to be discovered. Thankfully, his story can finally be put to rest once and for all.

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The average height of men around the world varies greatly based on geography. Genetics and economic and living conditions all play a role here. While India’s average height has increased slightly since independence, it still falls far short of other nations, including many African ones.

Though the exact cause is still uncertain, it’s believed that poverty and malnutrition during childhood may have contributed to delays in growth. In some cases, this can lead to stunted height as well as other health issues.

Indian women have seen a notable growth in height over the last century, yet are still shorter than other nations, according to Imperial College London’s study. On average, females grew 4.9 centimetres while men only gained 2.9 cm during this same timeframe.

Though this was an impressive rise, it wasn’t enough to propel Indian women into the top ten tallest by ethnic background. On average, Indian men rank 178th out of 200 nations while their female counterparts come in at 192nd.

Indian men tend to be slightly taller than their female counterparts in other countries. On average, males in India stand at 164.9 centimetres while women average 152.6 centimetres.

These findings come from a global study of 200 nations that measured the average heights of 18-year-olds worldwide. It concluded that medium heights had grown globally over the past century.

According to a new report from India’s National Institute of Nutrition, Indian men and women have experienced some minor increases in height over the past decade. While it remains unknown why this shift occurred, experts speculate it could be linked to improved nutrition and access to clean water resources, according to an official spokesperson for the institute.

India’s average height for men has increased to 5.8 feet (177 cm) and that of women to 5.3 feet (162 cm), an impressive improvement from their previous figure of 5.6 feet.

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